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Factory Five's latest kit? A DIY off-road race truck

Starting at less than $30,000, Factory Five will sell you a kit that promises to turn an F-150 into something even more capable off-road than a Raptor.

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Factory Five
Factory Five offers valuable experience for the next generation

Factory Five Racing hosted three school tours and delivered three kit cars, all in one week.

Colin Wood
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Ford Barra power makes this Daytona Coupe replica extra unique

Resurrecting a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe? Why not skip the V8 in favor of something from down under?

David S. Wallens
Factory Five , Project Cars , GRM+ , 818
That time we built a Factory Five 818 | Read now with GRM+

When we heard the promise that we could build a sports car from scratch, we had to jump at the opportunity–you know, for science.

Colin Wood
Factory Five , Cobra , Your Projects
Your Projects: The Least Expensive Factory Five Cobra?

What do you do when you finish a car and then swear off that type of project? Naturally, you buy another one just like it—at least, that's what forum user …

Colin Wood
Factory Five
Godspeed, Patrick, Fellow Gearhead | Cancer Sucks

"But we also build stories and fellowship and the things we build bring people together."

David S. Wallens
Jordan Rimpela
Factory Five
Reader's Ride of the Week: Daytona Coupe Revival

This Factory Five Daytona Coupe replica is going from trash to treasure.

Ed Higginbotham
Factory Five
Grassroots Motorsports Factory Five 818 Auction: 3 Days Left

Our project Factory Five 818 is being auctioned off on

Ed Higginbotham
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