lawnmower , hayabusa
There Is Such Thing as a Hayabusa-Powered Lawn Mower, and It’s for Sale

This lawnmower may be both the fastest and most unsafe way to mow your lawn.

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Suzuki , hayabusa
Rate It: Suzuki's Factory-Built, Hayabusa-Powered Roadster

It's a shame, that Suzuki never made a Hayabusa-powered sports car straight from the factory. Well, they actually kind of did.

Subaru , 360 , Your Projects , hayabusa
Your Projects: Ben_Modified Is Turning a Subaru Microvan Into a Hayabusa-Powered Rocket Ship

Ben_Modified is putting a Hayabusa engine into a chopped Subaru 360 van.

Your Projects , hayabusa , Baby Grande
Your Projects: Baby Grand, but Not a Piano

What do you build as a replacement for a hillclimb RX-7? How about a Hayabusa-powered Baby Grand?

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