How to build a Challenge car at no personal cost | Your Projects

By Colin Wood
Mar 11, 2022 | $2000 Challenge, Your Projects

What’s harder than building a race car to compete in our $2000 Challenge? How about building one for free?

That’s what forum member B13Birk is attempting, inspired by the popular internet story of a person who started with a paperclip and traded their way up to a Porsche Boxster:

So, after the sale of my CB550 fell through… (which I'm ok with because I want to finish it) I decided to start the process of building a "free for me" challenge car. It will all work within the rules of a normal challenge build in regards to money spent on the build itself. The money that I use on the build will all come from the sale process of a single Item I got for free and leveraged until I had the 2K needed to do the challenge… Thus creating at least "zero" financial impact on our family…

That first item? A set of bar stools picked up by the side of the road, which B13Birk has already sold for $400.

Follow along with the build thread at Free Stools to a "Free" 2022 Challenge Car.

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