How To Prevent a Total Project Disaster? Proper Planning

By Colin Wood
Aug 24, 2020 | Project Cars, Restoration, Shop Work

We can see it now: You've got all the tools, all the parts, and the perfect project sitting in front of you. Only one thing remains, and that's how you are going to tackle it.

Do you have a thoughtful plan on how it will all come together, or do you dive in headfirst, not worried about what could go wrong? The latter option may work for some, but in taking that route, it's easy to let a perfect project go horribly wrong.

Want to avoid the headache (as well as lost time and hemorrhaged money)? We discuss how to plan the perfect restoration–as well as what to do if everything goes south–over on Classic Motorsports.

What sort of planning do you do before a project, and has planning ever prevented a disaster?

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slowbird SuperDork
8/24/20 2:11 p.m.

*looks at broken cars outside* oops, too late. blush

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