How to turn an old Camaro into a modern autocrosser

By Staff Writer
Mar 28, 2023 | Chevrolet, Autocross, camaro, track day, Your Projects, cam, Loosecannon

A seemingly simple question from the owner of a media blasting shop: What’s next? Loosecannon, builder of biblically radical creations, replied that he’d like to build an early Camaro.

He said ‘Follow me’ and he led me to a shipping container that he claims has not been opened since 2000,” Loosecannon explains. “He popped it open and there was a 1967 Camaro, all disassembled from when much of the bad sheet metal had been replaced in the ’90s. He told me a price, I found that price to be quite reasonable and I bought it.”

Since then, the car has been totally blown apart and reconfigured for CAM-class autocross and track days.

Check out the full build thread for yourself: Loosecannon's 1967 Camaro RS build.

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loosecannon SuperDork
3/28/23 9:18 p.m.

Thanks for the plug, mysterious GRM staff member :)

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