Pikes Peak results: Robin Schute wins for fourth year in a row

By Colin Wood
Jun 26, 2023 | Pikes Peak, Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

Photography Credit: Brian Chapel

What can you get done in less than 9 minutes? Cook an egg? Walk the dog? Start a load of laundry?

How about driving 12 miles up to a mountain peak at over 14,000 feet in elevation? That’s what driver Robin Shute managed to achieve in less than 9 minutes this past weekend during the 2023 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo.

Setting a time of only 8:40.080, Robin secured his fourth overall Pikes Peak win.

As a fitting end to Sunday’s hillclimb, Lia Block, 16-year-old daughter of the late Ken Block, drove the purpose-built, 1400-horsepower “Hoonipigasus” to the summit in an untimed run. The highly modified Porsche was unable to compete in 2022 after an engine failure that took place during qualifying.

The results of the 2023 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo are as follows (results in bold are class winners):

  1. Robin Shute, United Kingdom (Unlimited) 8:40.080
  2. Romain Dumas, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 8:47.682
  3. Raphael Astier, France (Pikes Peak Open) 9:17.412
  4. David Donohue, USA (Time Attack 1) 9:18.053
  5. Codie Vahsholtz, USA (Open Wheel) 9:19.192
  6. James Clay, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 9:20.433
  7. Dan Novembre, USA (Unlimited) 9:27.611
  8. Tanner Foust, USA (Exhibition) 9:37.326
  9. Jeff Zwart, USA (Time Attack 1) 9:46.131
  10. Randy Pobst, USA (Exhibition) 9:54.901
  11. Sylas Montgomery, USA (Open Wheel)  9:55.993
  12. Duncan Cowper, Great Britain (Unlimited) 9:57.072
  13. Don Wickstrum, USA (Unlimited) 10:00.297
  14. Derek Boyd, USA (Unlimited) 10:03.367
  15. Dave Carapetyan, USA (Open Wheel) 10:04.665
  16. Jimmy Ford, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 10:07.261
  17. James Robinson, USA (Time Attack 1) 10:11.950
  18. Rhys Millen, USA (Exhibition) 10:12.024
  19. Gregoire Blachon, France (Exhibition) 10:25.071
  20. Andrei Mitrasca, Romania (Open Wheel) 10:26.697
  21. Michael Whiddett, New Zealand (Exhibition) 10:34.980
  22. Robb Holland, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 10:37.499
  23. Rodney O'Maley, USA (Open Wheel) 10:42.070
  24. Cam Ingram, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 10:43.476
  25. Hayden Bradley, USA (Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama) 10:48.387
  26. Nuno Caetano, Portugal (Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama) 10:50.741
  27. Brett Dickie, Australia (Unlimited) 10:52.636
  28. Kathryn Mead, USA (Time Attack 1) 10:53.074
  29. Matus Huska, Slovakia (Pikes Peak Open) 10:53.755
  30. Hutton McKenna, USA (Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama) 10:55.746
  31. Chris Rimmer, United Kingdom (Time Attack 1) 10:57.351
  32. Robert Robles, USA (Time Attack 1) 10:59.725
  33. David Hackl, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 11:02.176
  34. Steven Goeglein, USA (Unlimited) 11:02.742
  35. George Hess III, USA (Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama) 11:05.564
  36. David Meyer, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 11:06.202
  37. Cole Powelson, USA (Unlimited) 11:06.535
  38. Lew Bouchier, USA (Exhibition) 11:09.611
  39. Chris Becker, USA (Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama) 11:10.301
  40. Kevin Murdock, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 11:11.399
  41. Andy Kingsley, USA (Unlimited) 11:12.021
  42. Jordan Guitar, USA (Exhibition) 11:12.164
  43. Tyler Pappas, USA (Time Attack 1) 11:14.996
  44. Trevor Aweida, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 11:15
  45. Giles Nadeau, Canada (Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama) 11:23.664
  46. Gardner Nichols, USA (Exhibition) 11:23.983
  47. Lucy Block, USA (Unlimited) 11:25.315
  48. Loni Unser, USA (Exhibition) 11:34.709
  49. Kendall Samuel, USA (Unlimited) 11:40.859
  50. Kash Singh, USA (Pikes Peak Open) 11:54.613
  51. Dan Oberg, Sweden (Unlimited) 11:58.496
  52. Earl O'Maley, USA (Open Wheel) 11:59.050
  53. Paul Hubers, Canada (Exhibition) 12:08.535
  54. Satoshi Yagi, Japan (Pikes Peak Open) 12:33.959
  55. Robert Prilika, USA (Exhibition) 13:03.579
  56. Raymond Guerrero, (Time Attack 1) 13:40.373
  57. Dan Aweida, USA (Pikes Peak Open) DNF
  58. Scott Birdsall, USA (Exhibition) DNF
  59. Paul Dallenbach, USA (Open Wheel) DNF
  60. Paul Gerrard, USA (Unlimited) DNF
  61. Scott Knott, USA (Time Attack 1) DNF
  62. Matt Mullins, USA (Exhibition) DNF
  63. Ben Ryan, USA (Time Attack 1) DNF
  64. Mirl Swan, USA (Unlimited) DNF
  65. Clint Vahsholtz, USA (Time Attack 1) DNF
  66. Daijiro Yoshihara, Japan (Pikes Peak Open) DNF
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Robbie (Forum Supporter)
Robbie (Forum Supporter) GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
6/27/23 9:40 a.m.

nearly stock Rivian truck in at 11:23. wow

nocones GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
6/27/23 11:10 a.m.

GRM needs to do a article on The Sendy Club Wolf.  I'm a big fan of it.  

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