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By David S. Wallens
Nov 1, 2023 | Sunoco, Fuel Tips, SEMA

Photography Credit: David S. Wallens

Sunoco’s Zachary J. Santner has been answering our fuel questions for years, providing us with straight, science-based answers. What fuel for more power, better storage or an older engine? How to best store fuel or what to know about making the jump to E85? He’s happy to share.

You can now ask him your questions in person: He’s in Sunoco Race Fuel’s SEMA booth the rest of the week–booth 20567 in the Central Hall.


More Fuel Tips from Grassroots Motorsports:

• What separates a race fuel from a street fuel?
• The science of high-octane fuel
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• Why not methanol?
• What's lead got to do with it?
• Picking the proper gas regarding lead and oxygen
• Narrowing the fuel field
• 91 vs. 93 octane
• Why top tier street fuels matter
• Fueling your boosted engine
• What fuel to feed a rotary engine?
• Lawn and garden equipment needs the proper fuel, too
• What is vapor pressure of gasoline and why should you care?
• What is specific gravity of gasoline and why should you care?
• Adding additives to your fuel. | Yes or no?
• What's really in that fuel additive?
• Antioxidants, fuel stabilizers, and you
• Winter fuels for wintertime
• Fuels for a post-apocalyptic world
• Need help selecting a fuel? Call the experts.
• Gas station basics that aren’t that basic
• How dirty fuel can lead to a dirty engine
• Is all premium gas the same?
• How to buy and store race fuel
• Toluene or Xylene: Legit low-buck octane boosters?
• How to make your own ethanol blend
• Do fuel additives actually work?
• Where does gasoline comes from?
• How to stretch the gas budget?
• How fresh is that fuel?
• How to handle gasoline safely and remain fire-free
• Expert tips on finding and transporting race fuel
• How to make the jump into the world of race fuels
• How to clean intake deposits in direct-injection engines
• What's up with midgrade gas?
• Is 110-Octane Standard a race fuel easy button?
• Are tired, old fuel injectors robbing performance?
• Does your engine need an upper cylinder lubricant?

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David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
11/1/23 1:19 p.m.

And, yes, those at SEMA should stop and visit Zach. He’s excellent at explaining chemistry to those who don’t own a lab coat. Why does this do that? He’ll tell ya. 

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