Remember classic Bring a Trailer?

By Colin Wood
Jun 2, 2022 | Cars For Sale

Remember how Bring a Trailer used to be back in the day? Well, you can find a similar vibe in our Cars for Sale section over on Classic Motorsports.

How does it work? Simple: We see a cool car; we share it with the rest of the class.

One more link for those who might have missed it:

Has anything on the market caught your attention? Why not drop it in the comments below for the rest of us to see?

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Definitely gone now
Definitely gone now SuperDork
6/1/22 11:38 a.m.

Remember when BAT had AFFORDABLE cars in the listings? I'm seeing a trend here too. 

RadBarchetta New Reader
6/1/22 1:38 p.m.

In reply to Definitely gone now :

That was back when "Bring a Trailer" meant "because it doesn't run", not "because you have to protect a million-dollar paint job".

check out to relive some of those memories...

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
6/1/22 1:47 p.m.

Now that the auction is closed, I can share it: 1997 BMW 320i Touring in Techno Violet. 

Right color, right setup. It was even just one state over. 

It was rather tempting–especially when bidding seems set in the teens for a bit.

californiamilleghia UltraDork
6/1/22 1:56 p.m.

Bring a trailer before it was an auction site showed interesting cars and projects they found on EBay , Craigslist ,  and some that readers sent in , 

Bring a trailer was not selling anything at the beginning , 

Big change from today !

fidelity101 UberDork
6/1/22 2:04 p.m.

In reply to californiamilleghia :

yeah I used to be an avid reader just hear experts chime in on the most bizzare/rare/odd options & etc.

then it became a pissing match of originality and the whole auction house that it is today. 

however I was happy to sell my rx7 turbo for a profit there with relative ease so not really upset at them by any means but incredible how that grew from when I started reading it back in 2010. 

Appleseed MegaDork
6/1/22 2:09 p.m.

Remember when it wasn't a front for money laundering?

bearmtnmartin (Forum Supporter)
bearmtnmartin (Forum Supporter) GRM+ Memberand UltraDork
6/1/22 2:12 p.m.

I no longer visit BAT as they have changed their focus so completely. But good for them as they are most likely making much more money now with what started as a hobby. Fortunately as mentioned there is still Barnfinds, and also Daily Tourismo to show us the dilapidated junk we plebes can dream of owning.

Tom1200 UltraDork
6/1/22 4:03 p.m.

I still look at BAT weekly; it's morphed to a different market that's not for me but I do commend them on their success.

bmw88rider GRM+ Memberand UberDork
6/1/22 4:16 p.m.

In reply to David S. Wallens :

I know it's because it was never offered here but over $22k with fees for a 25 year old 148 HP E36? EEEK. 

93EXCivic MegaDork
6/1/22 4:57 p.m.

dherr (Forum Supporter)
dherr (Forum Supporter) GRM+ Memberand Dork
6/1/22 5:07 p.m.

Personally, I think there is a place for BAT, Mecum and others on the high end and then FB Marketplace and Craigslist on the lower end. BAT has definitely become high dollar, but not everything is crazy expensive and it is a great place to sell special cars. Sure it is not what it used to be, but neither is many other things including Craigslist :-)


yupididit GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
6/1/22 5:51 p.m.

There are no more auction sites with cool classics that are affordable because those cars simply aren't affordable anymore lol. 

A 401 CJ
A 401 CJ GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
6/1/22 5:54 p.m.

Before BAT everyone griped about B. Jackson.  

There for awhile BAT was both an auction site and a "look what I found" site.  I always made sure not to poop on anybody's auction.  

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
6/1/22 7:35 p.m.

In reply to bmw88rider :

Well, yeah, that's a bit more than I'd want to spend. But if looking for an E36 wagon, that one is way cool. 

Slippery GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
6/2/22 10:38 p.m.

In reply to David S. Wallens :

‘96 wagon in cool color

Ian F (Forum Supporter)
Ian F (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
6/2/22 11:23 p.m.

In reply to David S. Wallens :

At first I was thinking, "1997? What? How??" ...and then I realized 1997 was 25 years ago... Ouch.

148 HP - yes. But S52 or S54 drive trains aren't difficult to source. 

Part of me wants one... and another part of me remembers my ex's '97 M3 ... Hmm... 

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
6/6/22 9:37 a.m.

The red wagon is cool, too. They are out there. 

I figure a 320i Touring would be more or less as fast as our 318ti–so, not that fast but still cool. 

Cactus HalfDork
6/7/22 1:07 a.m.

Remember Throttle Yard? I miss that.

californiamilleghia UltraDork
6/7/22 12:58 p.m.

I hear they ding the buyers credit card the 5% commission right when the action ends , 

I wonder what happens if the car is not as  listed ?

Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter)
Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
6/7/22 4:16 p.m.

First, well done on GRM/CM for an awesome new addition to the website.  This is amazing.

Second.  Can we get over beating up people for having a great idea, developing it, marketing it and making a success of it?  Their's obviously a huge market for buyers, sellers, and browsers on BaT, why be angry at a guy for making a buck?

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
6/7/22 4:51 p.m.

In reply to Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter) :

So, yes, and related to that, a few years back I talked to someone launching a new classic car auction site.

Is the market too saturated? I asked.

They noted how a metric ton of cars are sold each year.

So, yeah, let the market dictate and reward those who build the better mousetrap. 

hybridmomentspass HalfDork
6/13/22 2:25 p.m.

Just got off the phone with the fiance. While talking to her I was looking at the daily BAT auction.

I spoke about this, again, with her.
Years ago (ten?) when I started looking on there it was just project cars, basically. It was BRING A TRAILER for a reason. And I loved it. And I still love it.
But lets talk about where we are today, what it evolved to.

Today there are 90 auctions closing.
It's a hundred bucks per auction to list, that's 9000 bucks today.
Buyers pay 5% up to 5000 dollars, today there will be ten or so cars (and Im not checking through all 90, but a quick look at top ones shows me theres almost/right at 10) that will sell for so much that the buyer will pay an additional 5 grand. So lets add another $50,000.
Plus the other 80ish cars being sold.

Now, lets look at the top listing, its at 4.4MILLION dollars. Holy smokes.

It's so wild where the site has went to, what it has become. It's went from piles of parts or non-running cool cars to at least one million dollar car every week. It's went to a site that brings in gobs of money and really has turned into a cultural thing, as they have merch and meets around the country for the folks who buy on there

fidelity101 UberDork
6/13/22 2:40 p.m.
Cactus said:

Remember Throttle Yard? I miss that.

I dont even ride bikes and I missed that! I just liked learning about all the wild stuff 

Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter)
Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
6/13/22 4:56 p.m.

In reply to hybridmomentspass :

And Swallow Side cars started making these:

And now makes 

Isn't it awesoem how things can grow from humble beginings.

P.S.  Swall Side car was shrotened to SS Cars, which made the SS Jaguar, funnily enough 'SS' wasn't seen as a good marketing name after WWII so they dropped the SS bit and stuck with JAaaaaagggggggg.

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
6/14/22 10:35 a.m.

In reply to hybridmomentspass :

It very much has grown. FWIW, look for cars of all types and budgets over on our Classic Motorsports site. 

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