Three Modern Innovations That Make Staying Organized Easier Than Ever

By Colin Wood
Sep 14, 2020 | Project Cars, Restoration, organization, Shop Work

Sure, most of us know that organization can be a key to restoration success, but for the number of cars we've restored and worked on, we discovered three innovations that make staying organized even easier: digital cameras, inexpensive storage bins and low-buck wire shelving.

How do you use these to stay organized? Well, the short answer is to sort all the parts into appropriate groups, put them in the right-sized bin, label the bins, and then never lose a single part ever again.

For the long answer of how to use these innovations to stay organized during a project, head over to Classic Motorsports.

Also, what's the moment you realized your organization system—or lack thereof—needed an upgrade?

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Caprigrip New Reader
9/14/20 11:46 p.m.

My favorite quote that I recite in my head to keep my garage organized:  'the floor is not a shelf.' It helps motivate me to take a few more steps to put stuff where it goes.  

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