Is a turbocharged, V8-powered Exocet a guaranteed thriller?

By Colin Wood
Dec 10, 2022 | V8, exocet, Your Projects, Turbocharged, locost

Some build threads feature titles that need further explanation, while others are more on the nose. Take, for example, forum member bonjo2’s build thread: “Exocet V8 Extreme.”

[Exocets done three different ways]

In case that didn’t explain it for you, bonjo2 doesn’t mince words when stating the goal of this wild project:

High Down Force, F1-Like, Street/track monster…

Modified Exocet Sport Frame.  Big V8.  Turbo.  Paddle Shifters yada, yad, yada..

Color us interested.

Check out the build thread for yourself here: Exocet V8 Extreme.

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