Word of the Day: Brock Racing Enterprises

David S.
By David S. Wallens
Mar 16, 2020 | BRE, Word of the Day

After his stint with Shelby American–which came after time at General Motors–Peter Brock formed his own team. SoCal’s Brock Racing Enterprises teamed up with Datsun to take on all comers in SCCA competition. 

And they did: First in Club Racing and then in small-bore Trans-Am. For a few years there, BRE’s red, white and blue Datsuns defined the scene. 

All those years later, in fact, the team graphics remain a motorsports icon.

Brock has been writing for Classic Motorsports, our sister pub, for years. How did that magic happen? He can tell you.

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Toebra Dork
3/16/20 2:48 p.m.

Uh, dude, that is three words

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