Your Projects: Bringing a Flooded Boxster S Back to Life

By Colin Wood
Jun 4, 2020 | Porsche, Boxster, 986, Your Projects

We've all been there: It's a slow day at work so, to pass the time, you go to a salvage auction site and start browsing. Naturally, something catches your attention. Just for fun, you place a bid. One thing leads to another, and now you find yourself the owner of a salvage title car.

That's exactly what happened to user AAZCDwho quickly became the owner of a salvaged 2004 Porsche Boxster S 550 Spyder 50th Anniversary Edition. Oh, and did we mention it was completely submerged by Hurricane Harvey? And then the shipping company accidentally dropped the car off the end of the trailer. 

What does it take to bring a waterlogged car back to life? Well, after the car fell off of the truck (seriously), AAZCD pulled apart virtually everything that water had touched, then dried and cleaned the bits that still worked, and replaced the ones that didn't.

After that, the damage caused by the shipping company was repaired, and the interior was fixed up to factory specs.

As owners of a 986 Boxster ourselves, we can appreciate spending the time and effort in bringing a car back from the dead.

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