Your Projects: The Least Expensive Factory Five Cobra?

By Colin Wood
Jan 24, 2021 | Factory Five, Cobra, Your Projects

What did forum user CLynn85 do after finishing a Ford T-bucket build and swearing off building fiberglass-bodied cars ever again? That’s right, got another fiberglass-bodied project car.

This time, it’s a “semi-running” Factory Five Cobra replica that was picked up for $20,000. In total, CLynn85 is hoping to spend around $25,000 when everything is said and done.

The plan, then, is to build “a driveable cobra, that's not so nice that I'm going to be afraid to abuse it, because I sure do plan to abuse it.” In order to get to that goal, the car is going to need, according to CLynn85, body work, a transmission, plenty of shakedown time and an interior “if I'm feeling froggy. “

This project is still in its early stages, so be sure to follow along with the build thread over on the Builds and Project Cars Forum, as well as the YouTube series CLynn85 is putting together—the first episode of which can be viewed below:

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