Building and mounting an easy fuse panel that’s hidden but not too hidden | Project vintage race Mustang

Update by Tim Suddard to the Ford Mustang Fastback project car
Jun 22, 2022

Photography by Tim Suddard

Before we could install the Ron Francis Bare Bonz wiring harness into our 1965 Mustang race car, we would need to mount the fuse panel.

A few considerations on where to put that panel:

  • Whenever possible, try to keep weight low and inboard of the wheels while also offsetting the driver’s mass.
  • Electronics favor a cool, dry location.
  • Centered in the car can mean less wires to run.
  • Easy access will help should things go wrong at the track yet at the same time you want to keep things protected from accidental hits and kicks.

We found the perfect location for our Mustang’s fuse panel: inside the glovebox. This would keep the panel protected yet accessible.

We first needed to build a light, stiff mounting panel for our fuses and MSD ignition box. Keeping these two items together would also reduce the amount of wire needed.

While we normally don’t use diamond plate in a race car build, we were out of suitable scrap and this was available on a Sunday afternoon at Lowe’s. And, ultimately, it wouldn’t matter, as it was going to be hidden inside the glovebox.

While we bent up the panel, our wring expert, Jessie Spiker of Spiker Motorsports, began the task of organizing the wiring.

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300zxfreak Reader
6/23/22 7:53 p.m.

You had me scared there for a moment, I thought you were 3D printing diamond plate now.

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