Ice Ice Baby.

Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
Aug 24, 2007

With the interior out of our Saab, it’s a good time to remove the factory sound deadening. This uber-goo is very hard to remove without either making it very warm or very cold. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The warm method is a little stinky and doesn’t remove the material as cleanly from the surface. You simply warm it up with a propane torch and scrape it off.

The cold method uses dry ice (or liquid nitrogen if you can find it—and the dewar to hold it) to cool down the surface so that you can simply bang on the sheetmetal and use a scraper to pop the stuff off. Unfortunately, this makes for an even larger mess, as the little chips of undercoating can and do fly everywhere—and once they warm up, they become sticky again and then stick to you, your driveway, your shoes, etc. But, it does make the surface of the metal cleaner.

With dry ice, the best bet is to break it up into very small chunks, almost dust, which will give you better temperature transfer. Here’s two different sizes, the smaller bits work best.

Dry ice is $1.29 a pound at our local supermarket. You can transport it in a cooler, but you’ll need heavy gloves (we use our welding gloves) to hold onto it as you’re breaking it up.

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