Post-Flight Assessment

Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
Feb 13, 2008

Post Sandblast, the first thing we did was give our Saab a bath to remove the cubic yards of dirt.

Then we jacked the car up, removed the hood, skid plate and wheels to start looking the car over.

We saw that the alternator was rubbing on the heater box, mostly due to soft engine mounts.

The lower control arms were bottoming on the underside of the chassis. We’ll need to grind out this portion of the car to allow for a little more travel.

The exhaust came apart at the flange. We’ll need to use a more positive locking bolt to prevent this in the future. We’ll also have to support this portion of the exhaust better so it doesn’t bang against the underside of the car.

A compression check revealed that our engine isn’t up to snuff. The numbers were 155, 150, 135 and 185. It appears as though we’ll need to rebuild the engine before we reinstall it with a five-speed and a limited slip differential.

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