Saab ignition and a little sander repair

Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
May 23, 2007

Last night, we replaced the points in our ignition system. While you can file and regap points, they quickly become inefficient and sap power and fuel mileage.

Pertronix makes a Hall-effect ignition system that can be retrofitted into a points-style distributor. There is no listing for the 1975-on Saab 99 in Pertronix’s catalog, but their 1843 works just fine. You can find them online for about $80

We also replaced our original Bosch coil with Pertonix’s Flamethrower, which gives a little hotter spark and costs just $30.

Back on the bodywork side of things, we replaced the torn-up Velcro on our Black&Decker Mouse with some new industrial strength Velcro. The stiff side goes on the mouse and the sanding pads have the softer side. It’s a pretty effective way to attach and detach sanding pads. The Mouse itself has served us well for a bunch of project car bodywork.

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