Saab Shake Down Part Deux

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Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
Apr 28, 2008

We autocrossed our Saab yesterday with CFR SCCA in their Street Modified class, where it was a bit outgunned. No matter—we found that the car was a lot of fun to drive once the course’s tighter offsets were passed and the speeds increased. The car made it through the day with no problems and we saw no major oil leaks from the new drivetrain.

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7/27/08 12:53 a.m.

Still trying to figure out how to negociate your site... so hope you find this?

Saw a comment where you mentioned putting 900 brakes on your 99 to see if that did the trick or if wilwoods were next? Wanted to say that if you can run the 1988 style (no ABS) 900 brakes and wheels (we converted both our 87 and 86 by swapping the rear axle with hub and caliper and front knuckles with caliper - cheaper that way - and we purchased from wEuroparts the cross drilled zimmerman rotors and used PBR deluxe pads), go ahead and get the 9000 front calipers, the rears are same at 1988 between the 900 and 9000. We run the cross drilled rotors and PBR deluxe pads, they stop our 900s very well! When I get a moment, ok maybe next year, and finish my 91 convertible rehabs, I will put the 9k calilpers and just stock rotors for a start. We are entered in all of the 24 HOL events except Houston, it's a 3000 round trip with the cars (from either our east coast shop in Pittsburge, or our west shop in San Diego). Looking for a sponsor to help with the gasoline, got any ideas? Any help greatly appreciated, sponsors get signage on car and on our website. Everything else is ready to roc on the West coast cars. We have entered two cars for Thunder Hill.


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