Picking Up Our Prize

Update by Tom Suddard to the Mercedes-Benz 300SD project car
Jul 13, 2013

We can't resist a crowded garage, and this one held not one, but two S-Classes!
Our Benz tips the scales at over 3600 pounds, so we brought a larger-than-average truck to tow it home. As usual, we used a Trailer World aluminum trailer.

The cheapest new car in America–the Nissan Versa–starts at $11,990. A decent, newish used car costs about $4,000. Both of these options are still a little rich for our blood, and they lack one thing we love in our cars: a bit of character.

So, it should come as no surprise that we jumped on this $300 1984 300SD when it was offered to us by a somewhat-intoxicated man at a July 4th party. It doesn’t run, it doesn’t really roll, and it hasn’t been driven in 5 years. Our goal is to change all three of these things.

Can we cheaply drive (or float) around in what was once the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz lineup? Or, will we be forced to abandon our wallets at the dry-dock, left kicking ourselves for not buying that Versa when we could?

Before we could answer any of these questions, we had to pick the car up. At this point, we’ve done this a million times. The seller actually remarked “wow, you guys are fast!” Within about 10 minutes, we had the blue behemoth up on our trailer. The car was only a 15 minute drive from our shop, so we didn’t have to invest much time, effort, or even money to become proud Mercedes-Benz owners.

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