Big Brakes ON!

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Update by Per Schroeder to the Nissan Sentra SE-R project car
Jul 5, 2005

We installed the larger NX2000 brakes onto our SE-R this Sunday, after we retested the braking distances. The average distance of ten stops was 161 ft. While we had the VC2000 hooked up, we also retested the 0-60 time, coming in with an average of 7.6 seconds, about .6 faster than we baselined the car at.

The brake install was very straightforward, we only needed to trim a little bit of material off of the backing plates for the larger NX2000 caliper brackets to clear. After the brakes were bedded in (using the same type of Carbotech Bobcat pads) and allowed to sit overnight, we retested the 60-0 braking distances. They were shorter by about 5 feet.

Looking at the numbers a little closer, it’s pretty clear that if the original brakes hadn’t faded on the 10th stop, the averages would be even closer. This highlights that big brakes don’t actually help your car stop in shorter distances, you install them for their increased thermal capacity. Your tires and their contact patch are actually more important for braking distances.

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