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Update by Per Schroeder to the Nissan Sentra SE-R project car
Feb 11, 2005

We got the transmission back from BSI Racing with the NISMO clutch-type LSD installed. It took Stu about 4 hours to install the diff in our tranny. While everything was apart, we also had him put new fifth gear parts in. The transmission reinstall took us about 2.5 hours. We didn’t use a tranny jack to lift the transmission into place, it was possible to bench-press the sucker in there. A few ibuprofen in the morning were the only downside to that method.

With the transmission back in, we decided to go ahead and install the Progress front coilovers, without camber plates. We’ve got an event coming up this weekend and wanted to get the rest of the car back on the road so that we could shake out any bugs a few days beforehand. The car rides pretty darn well. We’d say the jump from stock size wheels and tires to 50-series Falkens was actually more detrimental to ride quality than the big anti-roll bars and stiffer springs. We can feel the NISMO LSD doing its job on tighter corners, but it’s not intrusive like some lockers.

Of course, the friendly UPS man dropped off a box of love from Ground Control and we tore apart the suspension again to mount these up. There was some issue with mounting the Progress coilovers to Ground Control camber plates, but we think we’ve got it mostly straightened out. It’s pretty awesome that Progress includes directions and extra bumpstops to work with the Ground Control camber plates and Ground Control is working on adapters to mate seamlessly with the Progress coilovers. Cooperation like this between competing companies is pretty rare!

The car is at the alignment shop now. We asked for 3 degrees of negative camber in the front, 1/8” total toe out with 5 degrees of caster. For the rear, 1.5 degrees of negative camber and zero toe will do us fine.

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