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Update by Per Schroeder to the Nissan Sentra SE-R project car
Mar 9, 2005

We’ve been working on a graphic scheme for our SE-R, something that is vintage themed without simply being a BRE replica idea. Here’s what we came up with. The orange has got the most interest here.

Oddly enough, either paint or vinyl would be in the $2-300 range. The good thing about paint is that it’s permanent. The bad thing about paint is that it’s permanent.

Last night, we checked the quality of the grounds on our car and cleaned them all up. The chassis was reading 7 mV and with some cleaning, we dropped that to 4 mV. The Mass Air Flow sensor was 11 mV and when we regrounded it, we got it down to equal the chassis ground value of 4 mV. Since sensors like the MAF use the ground as a reference point, getting it properly grounded will give more accurate readings and better performance.

We also checked the timing using the proper Nissan procedure. Warm up car, rev past 3000 rpm three times and then disconnect the throttle position sensor. Ours was reading 12 BTDC, which is 3 degrees under the spec of 15 degrees. We upped it to 19 degrees, which is good for a few horsepower when using 92 or better octane gas. We’ll be dyno testing this free mod to see how it helped!

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