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Update by Per Schroeder to the Nissan Sentra SE-R project car
Mar 23, 2005

We dynoed the car again today to see how the Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter performed. The stock set up was a little odd, as the SE-R uses a very large 2.5" inlet and outlet catalytic converter. The exhaust passes through a 2" collector on the header, to the 2.5" pipe, then into the 2.25" of the exhaust system. We thought this was a little strange, so we went with a 2.25" high flow cat, theorizing that this would keep the exhaust gas velocity higher through the whole system? While the gains weren’t immense, we did get about 1 horsepower and 1 lb.-ft. of torque.

We talked with Clark at Jim Wolf Technology today. They’re going to program a ECU for us that will improve power across the board. We’ll by dialing back our timing as the ECU can bump the timing by differing amounts across the entire RPM range. We’ll also be comparing our "Cheap Bastard" intakes to their proprietary MAF adapters called "POP Chargers"

Here’s the dyno pulls that we ran today. We’ve got "Day 5 Run 01 which is after we switched out MAF adapters at 134.6. Then Day 6 Runs 1 and 2 are after we installed the Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter. You can see there was a nominal increase in both power and torque:

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CarLava New Reader
8/11/15 11:44 p.m.

Im planning to install Magnaflow exhaust on my ride too. Is it a complicated to install? I saw they have the cat-back.

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