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Update by Per Schroeder to the Nissan Sentra SE-R project car
Feb 2, 2005

Last night we opened up the boxes from Progress. Good stuff. We’ve got some free time this evening to start the installs.

Our SE-R in our garage waiting for its transmission to get back and now waiting for us to install the suspension pieces.

The stock front bar is made out of hollow 27mm tubing. The Progress front bar is 30mm solid. The Progress front bar is adjustable.

The front Progress brace is triangulated to the subframe. We’ll probably bolt it on, then undo the center bolts for larger events. If this doesn’t work, we may modify the piece to remove the center bolts.

The rear strut tower bar is from Active Tuning. It’s pretty nifty anodized aluminum and weighs just a few pounds.

We also assembled the Progress coilovers and started working on the rear suspension of our SE-R. Assembling the Progress coilovers is pretty simple. We set each of the threaded adjusters in the middle of their range. We’ll adjust them correctly once the car is on the ground.

This is a look at what we’ve spent so far. Some of the purchases have been unnecessary for this project from a performance standpoint. We didn’t need to paint the car, we wanted to. Other high dollar items are the Progress coilovers, which are actually less expensive than other options, and the LSD, which is widely regarded as the key to strong FWD performance on an autocross course.

  • $1500 car purchase
  • $252 plane ticket to pick SE-R up
  • $7 door hinges from junkyard
  • $33 valve cover gasket
  • $69 tune-up items, wiper blades, Haynes manual (it’s good for swatting flies), light bulbs
  • $99 Active Tuning rear strut tie bar
  • $36 Ebay-sourced front strut tower bar
  • $43 Ebay-sourced warm-air intake
  • $60 Nearly new Luk clutch
  • $516 Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 15x7 wheels
  • $100 Used Falken Azenis Tires
  • $700 NISMO LSD
  • $1225 Paint/Bodywork
  • $1300 Progress Coilovers
  • $200 Misc Bearings/Seals for transmission
  • $140 Progress lower control arm brace
  • $380 Progress front and rear anti-roll bars
  • $150 NX2000 Brake Calipers and Carriers
  • $? Carbotech Bobcat pads and NX2000 rotors
  • $470 Nissan Motorsports header
  • $60 good used foglights

Total Spent: $7340, plus the brake stuff.

Things we can sell at this point:

  • Stock SE-R alloy wheels
  • Set of nearly new KYB GR2 shocks
  • Stock front and rear anti-roll bars.
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