MINI reborn

Update by Per Schroeder to the Mini Cooper S project car
Jun 1, 2004

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Last month we took the MINI to The MItty. It made it back from the Mitty safe and sound, if not clean. So we cleaned it up and fixed a few odds and ends before Springfest at Sebring. While we were in Atlanta for the Mitty, we dyno’ed the car: 186 horsepower at the wheels!

The SpringFest with PBOC was fun, but we ran into several snags. First off, the increased boost blows off the intercooler hoses, which we solved by using shims under the clamps to increase clamping pressure on the rubber tubing. Next up, we had a radiator coolant expansion tank cap fail, allowing our coolant to escape via steam when the car was revved.

Finally, we had ignition problems, which we think was caused by a bad plug wire. We replaced the plug wires with high performance ones from Kingsborne Wire Works.

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