Yump! It’s Rallycross Time.

Update by Tom Suddard to the Ford SVT Focus project car
Aug 9, 2016

Our lifted Focus was faster and more fun than ever.
After the event, we put the car up on our Paco Motorsports hub stands. It was time to measure the damage....

Now that our Focus had a real suspension system, it was time to test it out. We borrowed a trailer, and headed over to one of the FIRM’s European-style rallycross events. These are never gentle, and this one would be no different: We learned at the drivers’ meeting that we’d be facing a real jump. Or, well, at least a yump. Still, though, that was a bit more than we’d bargained for during our Focus’s first time out.

And, after three runs (and three jumps), our Focus was no longer a happy camper. The front wheels had a ton of toe-in–so much that the steering wheel was crooked and the front end danced around on paved surfaces. We crawled underneath to take a look and didn’t find anything bent or broken. Even so, we didn’t want to risk flying into the woods on our next run, so we rolled the car onto its trailer and drove home. We’d clearly broken something, and it was time to find out just what it was.

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