24 more runs on our Kumhos…still no cord!

Update by Per Schroeder to the Mini Cooper project car
Nov 7, 2005

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Kim and Per autocrossed the MINI in Ft. Pierce this Sunday. There were only about 40 cars, so each driver got 12 runs. Despite the additional 24 runs on our “little” 205/50R15 tire combination (we frankly have lost count—maybe 80 runs total for the set?) our Kumho ECSTA V710 tires still aren’t corded. That’s impressive tire wear, and they’re still sticky as the MINI finished first and third on PAX index.

The car was actually very neutral with 47 psi in the front and 55-60 psi in the rear. Two of our runs were actually ended early due to spins! That tells us that our Koni FSD shocks might actually work well in this application. Despite having a dozen runs each, both drivers peaked early, posting fast times on our third or fourth runs that would have given us the same indexed finishing positions. After about 9 runs, both drivers had only dropped another tenth or so. That’s a good sign that the MINI, in its current set-up, is easy to drive…and will help us get the job done in a 3-run national format.

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