It’s a MINI Cooper.

Update by Per Schroeder to the Mini Cooper project car
May 21, 2005

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Kim and I test drove a 2005 MINI Cooper today. We’re looking at ordering a red/red Cooper with the sport suspension and sport seats. Kim is getting tired of good sized gas bills in her 6-cyl automatic LL Bean wagon and wants something fun to drive. For 18,300, you get a brand new car that gets 36 mpg…kind of hard to beat. She thought of getting another Beetle (this time a TDI) but we think the Cooper would be the best as it’s also a good autocross car for the both of us.

That said, it means that I’ll need to get something that’s capable of towing a 1500 lb. boat and would make a good project car when the SE-R wraps up. We’ve got a few “holes” that we’ve never filled before, like the Subaru WRX or a 1.8T powered Audi or VW. It will need to have four-doors and a wagon would be nice. Since I’ll have a autocross car for the weekends…it doesn’t even need to be built for any specific class, just something fun that would be good editorial and a reliable daily driver.

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