MINI and Per make it to Topeka..whew.

Update by Per Schroeder to the Mini Cooper project car
Sep 24, 2007

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After 20 hours in a car, no matter how comfortable the car, you’re ready for a break, a walk or even a beer or two. We held off on the refreshments until we had walked both of the courses that we’ll be running on Thursday and Friday. They appeared to be a lot less sweeper-intensive than last year, with quite a few more slaloms and wiggly transitions. We like how the MINI handles wiglets like this, so we’re looking forward to driving the courses.

The MINI got about 34 mpg on its way up here, averaging, well, a little over the national speed limit. It’s now outside resting in the hotel parking lot, as this hotel doesn’t allow pets in the rooms, even if they’re small ones like the MINI. We’ve got a few days to set up our booth, get registered, teched before we pick up our co-driver Kim at the airport on Wednesday evening.

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