Project Civic Si: Time for a New Track Day Helmet

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Update by David S. Wallens to the Honda Civic Si Coupe project car
Jun 6, 2019

How’d we know that it was time for a new helmet? The sniff test. 

Also telling us that perhaps it was time: some tech stickers more than 5 years old. Despite what your group’s reg state, the Snell Foundation recommends a new helmet at least every five years. 

From the FAQ section of their site:

Unused helmets stored in good condition do not automatically expire after five years. Replacing helmets every five years is a judgement call based on testing helmets used by the California Highway Patrol by Dr. George Snively. Wear and tear, the simple act of putting on and taking off helmets, damage the comfort pads and energy absorbing foam liner over time. Helmets with worn-out pads are at least one to two sizes larger than helmets in new condition. A poorly fitted helmet makes it more likely that the helmet will shift too much or even come off the head during a crash impact. For these reasons, Snell recommends replacing helmet after five years of normal use.”

When it’s time to helmet shop, we tend to aim a little high. How’s that? Let’s say that someone’s looking for a new helmet for just autocross. We’ll still recommend one that’s approved for road racing. 

Why? Then they’re future-proofed, so to speak. Should a buddy extend an invitation to co-drive at an enduro, for example, then a second helmet isn’t needed. 

A recent Grassroots Motorsports piece on helmets got us thinking: While maybe we didn’t need a carbon shell or water cooling for our track events, maybe a few extra options would be nice–again, something suitable for road racing. 

That decision brought us to Roux Helmets. Their R1-F fiberglass-shell helmet features built-in radio gear, integrated drink tube and their own RELEASE helmet removal system. Should the need arise, emergency crews can quickly, delicately remove the helmet by simply pulling on a pair of hidden handles. Pulling the handles gently raises the helmet. MSRP for the helmet is $549.95.

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