Completed project cars

May 23, 2007
2002 Honda Civic SI

Our '02 Civic Si was built to run and compete in as many different track events as we could, from NASA’s HPDE program and Honda Challenge H3 class to SCCA …

Apr 16, 2007
1992 Honda Civic Si

Our 92 Civc Si was a workhorse for us

Aug 14, 2006
1995 Subaru Impeza

Our rough-but-gutsy Impeza proved to be a near-perfect starter rally car.

Jul 16, 2005
1985 Toyota MR2

Art Director JG Pasterjak takes on restoring this modern classic.

Jul 11, 2005
1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R

We picked up our B13-body Sentra SE-R for just $1500 and went on to have a lot of fun -- and track time -- with it.

Feb 24, 2005
1996 BMW M3

We purchased a 1996 M3 as a Grassroots Motorsports magazine project car. The M3 has 103,000 miles and had the luxury package, which included Luxury wheels, leather interior and woodgrain …

Jan 18, 2005
2004 Dodge SRT-4

We're planning on campaigning this car for the 2004 season in National Solo II competition.

Jan 05, 2005
2002 Mini Cooper S

This particular Cooper S was originally going to compete in SCCA's Street Modified autocross class, but we ended up making a track car out of it--and learned a lot about …

Oct 20, 2004
2004 Honda S2000

Our S2000 is on loan from American Honda, a crew that genuinely seems interested in seeing their cars perform in "our" forms of motorsport. The S2000 has been a strong …

Aug 05, 2004
1990 Kit Car & Replica Locost

In most states, you have to wait three days to buy a handgun. This was good news, since our plan to build a Miata-based Locost in just two days would …

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