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1987 Merkur XR4Ti


Ground up rebuild. Started with clean rust free shell and went from there. Cossie IC, 5031e turbo, Supra LSD, Koni Yellow’s, Cossie grille and fender flares, Jag emerald fire green with a tan interior, T5 trans Update as of Jan 2016, 302 swap in progress. Ported Edelbrock aluminum heads, ported Explorer intake, BBK headers, Comp cam etc etc

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July 23
Scorpio Hubs, Cobra front brakes & wheels, 8.8 IRS

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July 18
Sloppy Mechanincs Dyno time and training class

Hauled it out to Allentown, PA (14 hours one way) to attend a Sloppy Mechanics …

June 22
Pics of the engine & Microsquirt installed

This is a shot of the engine after I had to get another upper from …

June 22
V8 installed

So over the winter and this spring, we got the built 302 installed along with …

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July 18, 2016, 12:48 p.m.

Hauled it out to Allentown, PA to attend a Sloppy Mechanics Micro / Megasquirt training class. Hung out the next day so Matt could do some tuning on my car. It's amazing watching some who knows what they are doing while tuning the car. It took him minutes what would have taken me weeks to do. Figured out it's got a ignition miss above 3.5K rpm but still made 266 to the wheels. He figures it'll make closer to 300 wheel HP once I get the ignition sorted out. It was a Craigslist distributor I have no idea the age of it.

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