Started on Nov. 21 by gearheadE30

1992 Subaru SVX LS-L

I got this SVX on trade for a dirt bike that I couldn’t sell, and figured I’d play around with it for a bit. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I’m in the process of restoring it and modifying it a bit. It needs some dent repair and paint, and a lot of general deferred maintenance, but it drives and runs very well and is an extremely tight car. Not a huge fan of the automatic transmission, but it’s nice sometimes as a commuter. If this transmission goes out (it’s already got a whine to it) then I might swap in a 5 speed. It is a 4.44 transmission, with a quickchange controller, so it does get out of its own way. It’s in the high 14s in the quarter. Plans are simple: V7 STI coilovers, Enkei Shogun wheels, make the bodywork nice again, and drive it. Nice and simple, and nothing crazy, since I have 2 other cars that would qualify more for complicated and nuts.

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Sept. 8, 2016, 1:15 p.m.

Guess I should update this - I have since sold the SVX to a couple in Indianapolis. Great car, but between the other cars and bikes, I didn't really need something that just fit the daily driver role. I do miss it sometimes, though. The whine ended up being the timing belt idler pulleys, for whatever that's worth. If anyone needs a rear bumper for an SVX...I still have one, and it's for sale.

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