Started on May 26 by JeffHarbert

2007 Ford Crown Victoria P71

Purchased online through 120k miles, 4200 hours. It started life in a small town police department, and was later transferred to the town’s fire department. Everything on the car works. They even left the siren installed. Except for a couple big cracks in the rear bumper cover the body is in great shape. There are two holes in the body, one in the roof for the light bar wiring, and another much smaller on near the trunk for an antenna cable. The car’s biggest problem is the paint. It’s in pretty rough shape and will need a respray. I’m leaning toward keeping the original Performance White to avoid the added expense of a proper color change. The plan is to keep this a pretty low budget project. I’m looking for a set of used 17 inch Mustang wheels. I’ll have the existing Cooper tires mounted on those since they’re pretty new. I want to add a push bar to the front, mostly as a place to mount some good driving lights. (I live in a rural area and these roads are dark as hell at night.) I want to replace the vinyl rear seat with a cloth one. It has the factory AM/FM radio, so it’ll need a proper stereo. I think I’ll put the stereo in the center console and put a few gauges in the factory radio location. The rear doors don’t open from the inside (I expected this) so I’ll have to take care of that. I may replace the P71 coil springs with civilian springs for a better ride. The turn signals flash fast, but all the bulbs are fine. I’ll probably add a separate flasher and bypass the LCM. And that’ll pretty much be it.

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I have a YouTube playlist with videos about my P71 project. You can find it …

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