Jul 8, 2013 update on Dave_Jorgensen's 1953 MG TD

The dash in all its walnut glory.

update image

What if there had been a D-Magnette? What if horrible things hadn’t happened in Europe and the 1941 TD had been the last in the line of cycle-fendered high-performance MG sports-racers that started with the Magnettes of the 1930’s? Pressurized at six pounds, able to hit 100 MPH and leap tall buildings in a single bound? Never happened, of course, but it’s a good-enough reason to build one.

None of the gauges are where Cecil Kimber’s crew put them, and under that cowl is a heater that puts out real BTU’s. Real seatbelts, 12-volt neg/ground outlet for things like phones and iPods. Blasphemous, I know - but it all works.


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