Aug 29, 2009 update on neon4891's 1998 Dodge Neon R/T Sedan

P.O. mods, un-modded

Exuast, it had a fart can on it and after a few months, I was able to find a compleat stock Exuast at the yard.

Washer fluid nozzles, It came with poor fitting Led nozzles with cut wires and the fittings bent the drivers side hose running to it so only the passenger side worked. Once again, replaced with stockers from the yard. Too bad ford nozzles wont fit, the newer ones have a great spray pattern.

Full window tint, I have only been motivated to pull the tint from the drivers door window, what a PITB. I havent moved on to the other windows out of lack of motivation and fear of messing up the rear window defroster. Unfortunatly the top most layer is “flaking” off. Other wise it is in decent shape.

Trunk lock, the seller had pulled the trunk lock cylinder as it had frozen up and the release cable was busted. The only way to get in the trunk was to use a screw driver. On my last trip to the yard i found a working lock cylinder with key, WOOT.


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