Started on Aug. 10 by Javelin

1993 Plymouth Duster

It’s a non-running $50 car that I pushed-bumpered home as a project. It’s a 3.0L OHC V6, 5-Speed Manual, and that’s about all I know about them. It’s Bright Red under the moss and mold. I’m going to fix it up and sell it off. Originally it was supposed to be a racecar, but she wants a Miata instead. ;) The gamble has worked out great so far as it RUNS!!! Yay for me! Here’s the budget list so far: $50.00 Car $10.00 Affidavit $10.00 Notary $29.47 Title $2.73 Change found in car $44.09 Ignition Switch $71.99 Battery $12.20 Oil $3.79 Oil Filter $14.38 Wiper Blades $47.75 Registration / Tabs (1 Year) $35.00 Junkyard window and wheel/tire $5.00 Car Wash (to use the pressure wash feature!) $330.94 Total Investment.

Latest updates
Sept. 07
Goodbye Crop Duster!

Goodbye little Crop Duster! Sold it for $700 today with a $347 investment and about …

Aug. 30

One of the newfound great things about having all the windows is that I can …

Aug. 30
Replacement window and wheel

I hit the junkyard on Friday and nabbed a 1/4 window and another 15” steel …

Aug. 25
Look Ma! No stickers!

I de-stickered the Duster a few days ago. I managed to save the super-cool “Duster” …

Aug. 16
Interior is getting there

Here’s the interior after a LOT of vacuuming and de-greasing! It still needs a lot …

Aug. 16
Engine after

Here’s what 20 minutes of scrubbing and a new battery will net you. Pretty clean …

Aug. 16
Engine before

Here’s the Crop Duster’s engine bay as-purchased.

Aug. 16
Victory is mine!!!

The Duster runs! I updated the main description with the total expenditures all listed out. …

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Dec. 10, 2009, 8:13 a.m.

Woot! Even my sold cars are cool enough for ROTD. Thanks GRM!

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