Started on July 19 by Gzwg

2003 Ford StreetKA

Since I had to sell the Mazda 6 after only 4 years (low miles, but the body was rotten), I decided to try a different approach: Half my budget, and buy a summer and a winter car (Proper man math..). We liked the StreetKA when it came out, and seriously considered buying one in 2006, but as our only car, and living outside, it just did not make sense. By 2016 we had bought our house (with a 1,5 Car Garage), so it could live inside. The prices on these went down rather quickly, and they are still cheap around here. Instead of going for the cheapest, this time I wanted the one with the lowest miles, in best condition. We found one that was never used in the winter, body was straight. CEL Light was on, but I knew these motors ate lambda Sensors like chips, so was not too worried about it. Retrimmed the steering wheel, changed lambda sensors and cat, runs and looks absolutely mint.

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