Started on Sept. 26 by DaleCarter

1967 Triumph Spitfire

My Spitfire is a long-time race car with logbook entries back to 1968 for tracks as legendary as Laguna SECA. About 15 years ago, it was converted to autocross duty and that is how it was configured when my best friend/driving buddy bought it for us to autocross. The car has been EXTENSIVELY lightened and has a ride height low enough that I can’t slide a 2”x4” under the diff. The car rides on Koni coilovers, a Datsun 510 IRS and 13”x9” cantilevered Hoosier 35B slicks. The engine is a bridge-ported Mazda 13b rotary with a Weber and an RX7 five-speed tranny. It has been said that 10,000 monkeys with typewriters would, given enough time, write the works of Shakespeare. In the case of The Spit, it took ONE monkey with a MIG torch to fab the rear suspension and roll cage. Seriously, the person who built this car should NEVER be allowed in a garage again. The trans tunnel was built from Oatey branded roof flashing from Home Depot and the shifter boot was a roof plumbing vent. This is my first "race car" and I have decided to rebuild it in the way that it deserves. We can make it better than it was. Better? Faster, stronger.... prettier :-) The body and frame ahve returned from media blasting and I am rebuilding it. A few goals are a pushrod rear-suspension with inboard mounted horizontal coilovers, a cage with roof and a-pillar bars so it can be road course legal and sheet metal straightened by torch, hammer and dolly, rather than filler. The car had so much filler that magnetic number signs for autocross would ONLY stick on the decklid. I have new rockers and one quarter skin.

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