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2002 Ford Thunderbird Premium

In the late 1990s with the 50th anniversary of the original 1955 Thunderbird coming up in a few years Ford decided to produce a new model worthy of its heritage. They conducted a design competition and picked a winner. A large marketing campaign was conducted to the lead up of the first year-2002. One of the prominent marketing phrases was “Relaxed Sportiness “. That is pretty much on the money. It’s not a true sports car but a luxury cruiser with competent handling, good power and great looks. And all the options for comfort. For its era it was a reasonably expensive car at $40,000. The first year had waiting lists and many dealers marked them up by as much as another $10,000 making those $50,000 cars! The engine is a Jaguar 3,7 L V8. Ford owned Jaguar at the time. The platform was the same as the Lincoln LS. But the body was its own. There is a removable hardtop and a folding cloth soft top with glass rear window. All models are 5 speed automatic on the console with selectable gears. It’s a fun car top up or down or hardtop on. The hardtop is especially well designed and compliments the rest of the design. It looks like a dedicated hardtop. Driving is fun. Remember “Relaxed Sportiness “. Turn in is crisp. Braking is good. The engine sound through dual exhaust is perfect V8.

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Nov. 05
The interior is as retro as the exterior

Thunderbird offered options on the interior from all black to all other optional colors to …

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