Started on Oct. 5 by Vigo (Forum Supporter)

1989 Dodge Aries K LE


GRM $2009 car! motor, turbo, and 5spd manual swapped k-car. 212hp/320tq to the wheels on mostly stock 250k mile junk through a 2.178596” exhaust.

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Oct. 16, 2009, 1:27 p.m.

$1480 budget at $2009 Challenge!

Feb. 5, 2010, 5:06 p.m.

Awesome car! I am on Turbo Mopar and have read all through your GRM $2009 thread!

April 3, 2010, 11:35 p.m.

Still FWD?

June 5, 2011, 8:33 a.m.

K cars FTW! :-)

Oct. 1, 2011, 9:57 a.m.

I am not a Chrysler guy at all, in fact I am pretty much anti-domestic with cars, but for some reason I really like this thing! I love low buck builds on cars that are typically slow, so I guess that's the reason. :-) I bet it's a hoot to drive!

Oct. 2, 2011, 7:30 p.m.

They're way lighter than they look, and the amount of power you can make on stock parts is pretty ridiculous in a ~2100-2400 lb car. It is fun to drive. Im hoping to get back to it before the end of the year and start doing all the upgrades i thought up in 2010! :P

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