Started on March 24 by Cuppycake

2002 Mazda Miata

My car is a 2002 Laser Blue Mazda Miata. I’ve begun working on it to create the car that I think Mazda should have sold from the factory. It should be strong but supple in ride, handle well without necessarily requiring racecar agility and be comfortable for daily driving should the need arise. It’ll get there one day!

Latest updates
March 24

Alignment is currently: Front: * Camber: -1.3deg * Toe: 1/16” in * Caster: 6.9deg L/R …

March 24
Suspension Mods List

Flyin’ Miata Springs (318 lb/in front and 233 lb/in rear linear) Tokiko Illumina dampers (set …

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