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1972 Fiat 124 Spider

1972 Sport Spider Drive Train: 1608 Engine 32/36 DFEV Weber Carb Reman 5 speed Trans (International Auto Parts) Work to Date (Mechanical): Fluid flush Tune up Installed new battery bracket (Southwest Speed) Set of Kumho Power Star 175/70/13 Retimed cams Replaced all head seals and gaskets (Auto Ricambi) Added wideband O2 sensor for easier carb tuning New coolant overflow bottle and bracket Repaired convertible top attach points to bows Repaired brake MC, flushed brakes Replaceed Radiator (Allison Automotive) Replaced Radiator Fan Work to Date (Electrical): New battery Rewired battery cables Rewired the fuse block to modern ATO Repaired wiring to all gauges / sensors Cleaned all electrical contacts Replaced bad connectors Work to Date (Cosmetic): Dyed carpet black Painted engine bay De-bumperette’d the bumpers Reattached bumpers Blacked out front grille Added ‘FIAT’ grille badge Painted engine head while disassembled for gasket repair Painted tail light housings (Krylon chrome paint) Painted tail light lens covers (Krylon stained glass paint) Painted windshield wipers aluminum (Duplicolor aluminum paint) Painted mini-turbo sideview mirrors (Duplicolor truck bed liner) Removed exhaust and ceramic coated (Duplicolor header paint) Removed old stereo Truck bedliner’d dash Steering wheel leather wrapped Dyed old sun visors, reattached Refurbished old cracked dash Made new wood panels for dash Refurbished old radio console Refurbished old lower console Added ‘FIAT’ trunk lid badge Added ‘FIAT 124’ rear badge Added ‘1600 SPORT’ badge Sourced good original vinyl seats, cleaned, repaired, and redyed and installed Work to Date (Body): Cut out rust on both inner door skins and welded & painted skins Welded leaking exhaust Cut out rust on driver’s side floor and seat cross member and seat bracket, fabricated and welded in new ones Added muffler to the exhaust Work to Complete: Install new stereo

Latest updates
March 06
Bye Bye Little Fiat

Off to the next Italian car novices…

April 22
Come a long way...

Since I first dragged it home.

April 22
Top down...

Shining in the sun.

April 19
Added muffler!

Couldn’t stand how loud the car was with only a catalytic converter and the original …

Feb. 04
CD30s on the car

For more of the step-by-step refurb process see: Fiat Build Thread

Feb. 04
Cromodora Abarth CD30 refurb!

Picked up this set from a fellow GRMer, did some refurb on the powder coating …

Jan. 02
Rear-End Badges

I really wanted to get the ‘look’ I wanted from this car. All of the …

Jan. 02
New Seats Installed!

After welding in that seat mount to the newly installed floor section and cross-member, I …

Jan. 02
Seat Support

Here’s the old vs the new, no comparison, I butterflied the old one to show …

Jan. 02
Seat Cross-Member

Fabbed up the cross member piece I cut out with the floor. Again, used the …

Jan. 02
Floor Patch...

Made up a floor patch with some 16ga cold rolled steel. Bent it with a …

Dec. 21
Fred Flintstone would be proud!

Removed the seats only to find another job lurking beneath!

Dec. 21
New Seats!

Sort of, more like I’m refurbishing some old ones in really good shape:

Sept. 16
Rust Repair, pic6

after pic

Sept. 16
Rust Repair, pic5

after pic

Sept. 16
Rust Repair, pic4

after pic

Sept. 16
Rust Repair, pic3

another ‘before’ pic

Sept. 16
Rust Repair, pic2

another ‘before’ photo

Sept. 16
Rust Repair, Part I

Finally fired up the welder and repaired the rust in the doors. Both doors were …

Feb. 27
Interior Finished -3!


Feb. 27
Interior Finished - 2!


Feb. 27
Interior Finished!

Instead of spending real $$$ to redo the interior I just got old spare/trash/leftover interior …

Feb. 27
Head work + custom radiator...

While I had the head off to fix a leaking head-gasket, I got carried away …

Dec. 08
Top end engine work...

Replaced every seal and gasket after completely disassembling the head due to a HG failure. …

Dec. 08
Dash Refurb + Custom Face

Bought a old used cracked dash, sanded down the high spots, filled with Bondo, sanded …

Aug. 30
Fiat with the F-22 Raptor!

I’ll let the picture do the talking:

Feb. 09
Current look...

How it looks today…

Feb. 09
Interior Mod...

Finished reassembling the dash after rewire and repaint and wheel resto-mod

Feb. 09
Clear front corners

Added clear corners…

Jan. 31
Steering wheel resto-mod...

Added a leather steering wheel cover and stitched it in place with heavy duty upholstry …

Jan. 28
Wired Up!

Everything works now!

Jan. 28
The Solution:

New ATO fuse block

Jan. 28
Melted Fuse Block

PO had wired in a stereo and run the wrong fuse in the harness, caused …

Nov. 01
Badged, Bumper'd, tail light resto...

Added the front emblem, trunk emblem to come, de-bumperetted the rear bumpers, krylon stained glass …

Oct. 11
Street Legal...

Retimed the cams on the engine, seems to have fixed the ‘down on power’ problem …

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Aug. 10, 2010, 5:04 p.m.

Hey cool , nice looking garage , I see you have the car on high heels .

Aug. 10, 2011, 9:32 a.m.

Sweet Spider. Those Volumex rims I see on it?

Dec. 8, 2011, 5:28 p.m.

Nope, best I can tell they're old American Racing rims...

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