Nov 21, 2014 update on gearheadE30's 1991 BMW 318is

Geez this is out of date....

update image

The E30 has now been turbocharged for about 60k miles. So far, it’s been very reliable and averages about 26 mpg. It will do better than 30 mpg on the highway. I’ll probably be swapping the diff back to a 4.10 now that I have a few other cars for long trips if I need them, since this is more the track day/autocross car now. Still ironing out some of the finer points of the car, like packaging under the hood and getting rid of tabs and brackets that aren’t used anymore. The airbag is also long gone, and it’s now on 16x7.5 AC Schnitzer wheels with 225 section Yokohama S.Drive tires. It’s a good setup that seems to last a long time, since my tire fund isn’t the largest in the world. Soon to come will be a new exhaust, electronic boost control (and probably 10 psi…) and flat shift capability. She’s also due for some cosmetic work. Someday, I might do a big brake kit since it now has a lot more power than brakes, and I’m still on the fence about fixing or entirely removing the air conditioning.


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