Started on Nov. 14 by Guam135i

1970 Morris Mini

I bought this car from somebody who moved from Australia to Guam and then decided to sell the car on Guam before moving to the mainland USA. I have had the car for about 5 years. After a year of owning it I stripped it and had the body painted and since then I have been putting the car together finally I have her running and in decent shape just waiting for a few more bits and pieces. the hard part is that I am on Guam and secondly the car is a mix of different parts from different years because it was made in Australia. Anyway my first car in High School was also a Mini. I have restored them when I was in the Philippines since I moved to Guam in 84’ I sold all my Mini parts and cars. Now I am back and having a great time I just wish we had the resources like machine shops, access to parts etc. But I did what I could with what I have.

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June 8, 2011, 10:46 p.m.

Just replaced bumpers with deluxe bumper kit and also installed new side mirrors. Bough a Pioneer KP500 cassette deck for some music. I still need to decide which speakers to use. I am debating if I should get a 1275 motor for it or just modify my 1098 and see how far it goes. This car is for my son JJ who is 11 years old

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