Started on Feb. 8 by Javelin

2006 Mazda Mazda5

Behold! The Millenium Falcon! My new daily driver. It’s basically a Mazda3 with a better looking body on top. Super useful for car parts runs and running under the radar. She doesn’t look like much, but she’s got it where it counts. It’s a 5-speed manual! 2006 Mazda5 Sport 2.3/M5 Toyo Proxes T1-R’s Moonroof Roof Racks

Latest updates
Feb. 23

The serpentine belt wouldn’t stop squeaking and no amount of belt dressing was helping anymore, …

Feb. 23
Cabin air filters

I finally changed out the cabin air filters. The directions are not in the owner’s …

Feb. 23
Engine surgery!

Then it happened, something broke! I changed the plugs because I was getting an ever-so-slight …

Feb. 23
Color is growing on me

The Titanium paint is starting to grow on me. It reflects really well, which makes …

Feb. 23
Snow rally!

The hills and mountains around here get snow every winter, and there’s no need to …

Feb. 23
Paint booth!

What is one of the best reasons for a Mazda5 (or any other type of …

April 23
Better than a pickup

We built teepees for the beans in the garden this weekend and to do so …

April 08
All fixed (well, mostly fixed)

After being quoted some insane numbers to fix the 5’s damage, I decided to fix …

April 08

The Falcon took some damage, and unfortunately it wasn’t while doing something cool like fighting …

April 08
Quick oil changes!

The 5 came up for it’s second oil change under my ownership and being familiar …

Jan. 29
Boy am I glad I did that!

Thankfully it was a SMART idea to get the snow tires on! We had a …

Jan. 29
Snow shoes

The winters here can amount to snow, sometimes even a lot of it. Since the …

Nov. 05
Used the roof rack

Had to go to the home improvement tore for supplies to build and hang a …

Aug. 25
Cali Road Trip!

My little sister had her first baby last month so we needed to go visit …

Aug. 25
Silver connoisseur

This driveway shot is hilarious to me. All 3 of our currently-drivable cars are some …

Aug. 25
Nice lines!

The Mazda5 was designed by the same guy that did the 05 Mustang and the …

Aug. 25
Road Trip #2: Ricahrdson's Rock Ranch!

For Mrs. Javelin’s birthday we went on a surprise road trip to Richardson’s Rock Ranch, …

June 25
Holiday road trip!

For the Memorial Day Weekend holiday we loaded up the Falcon with 2 mountain bikes, …

June 25
Kid tested, GRM Approved!

2 Adults + 2 car seats + 2 empty sets + stuff! The versatility and …

April 25
Why I drive a minivan

Do you see that funny-looking pedal on the left? No, it’s not a GM foot-activated …

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