Started on April 14 by Jesse Ransom

2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500

Not quite challenge-priced when I picked it up, and it narrowly won out on some hemming and hawing over a ‘93 Chevy G30 with an unknown slow 1-2 upshift but very low miles (still second-guessing myself). And a near miss with almost buying a ‘64 Chevy van at a swap meet. I managed to remind myself that I don’t love vans in general and thus having an interesting 40-year-old van that required work instead of just running wasn’t the best idea. The Dodge is so exciting that most of the intro paragraph was about the other vans I almost bought. Let’s hope it remains boring and dependable. First off, a preemptive tuneup. Then I’ll drop it off for a windshield, oil change, and brake fluid (don’t love the van; not subjecting myself to crawling around under it unnecessarily). Could probably use front tires soonish.

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