Apr 30, 2014 update on Redline's 1996 Nissan 240SX SE 5 Speed

Almost a year after the (redacted) hit me...

update image

The paint is done, and the mechanical has been a bit of a bitch to get things right with small parts being the issue. The car should be back on the road within two months in its new gunmetal grey color. The paint is a BMW code with extra heavy flake, and pearl added to it for effects. The roof, and C-Pillars are gloss black as are the mirrors. The hood badge is a black JDM Silvia S. Work in progress will begin as soon as I get it back as I will again, have to put it on stands to do my thing(detail wheelhouses, underneath, brake hats, calipers, shock boots, and clean clean clean. Then I’ll refresh the seats with a little TLC and some nice grey fabric paint for the grey parts


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