Mar 18, 2011 update on Keith's 1972 MG B GT

A major transformation

update image

The MG crawled into the garage (well, it was pushed in kicking and screaming) and stayed there for two years. During that time it was chopped up, reshaped and given a heart transplant. The stock frame rails were cut off at the firewall and new ones constructed to hold a Miata front end, complete with control arms, steering rack and coilover shocks. At the rear, an S10 rear axle with a Positraction differential was hooked up to a custom three-link suspension with AFCO coilovers. The axle shafts were custom-made with a 4x100 bolt pattern and Miata brakes were grafted on. The big news was underhood, where a modified LS1 V8 engine was shoehorned in along with a T56 6-speed transmission. Yes, that’s somewhere around 400 hp. While the engine fits under the stock bodywork, the wider track of the Miata parts required some fender flares. Those were taken from steel repair panels for a Mk1 Rabbit. A few other bits and pieces were changed out from other years of MG to get just the right look. The end result weighs right around 2300 lbs wet, which is almost exactly what the original car did. It does run a little faster than it did before, though.


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