Started on Oct. 16 by bentwrench

1967 Volvo 122 Estate

Project - DD grocery getter maybe some parking lot racing (if they let me) Grand (optimistic) plans to make it a 2 door, tastefully stretching doors. Ford V6 DOHC 3.0L set back well behind the front axle centerline. MS2 v3.0 with dual VR board, Semi-Sequential injection, and wasted spark Mated to Supra 5 speed trans Appleton Power steering rack from Late Model dirt car Coleman hanging pedal assy with dual brake masters Kirkey seat Have a Supra IRS assembly compete but I am going to ditch it for a more adjustable 3 link. Wide body kit & I have a stack of extra fenders and doors. Setback - discovered front right frame member is taco’d and floors will probably delaminate (rusty) if pulled back. No more Volvo IFS. Will probably use Speedway Catalog to cobble up front suspension. I need to decide on wheel size to start frame layout. I have some Mustang drop spindles with GM 11” rotors and calipers but they look real heavy and I’ll have to work around that geometry. That also eliminates 13” wheels. I think I may want to use 13” wheels. Now Contemplating fabricated spindles to take advantage of the lack of need to use production packaging since the motor is set back so far.

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